Officer’s belt Hussard model of the 1st type.

Officer’s belt Hussard model of the 1st type.
The body of the belt is made with red square braid.
The passers-by, the flows, the acorns, the knots, the buttons are of metal of false gold of 5 thousandths.
These can also be made of silver metal.
This belt is in one piece more than 3 meters 50 in length.
We can of course make other belt hues for other regiments and other troops like, Gunners and Horse Hunters.

Hussar officer belt, this model is the passers-by, the coulants, the button, the double cords, the silver metal tassels.
These two types of belts could relate to:
For the red and silver metal belt.
1st Hussar 1807/1814
3rd Hussar 1808
10th Hussar 1808
12th Hussar 1813

For the red belt and faux gold metal
Horse Artillery 1804/1815
4th Hussar 1789/1815
9th Hussar 1808/1812
Etc. Etc. The list would be too long.

Our two belt models were reproduced after having graciously arranged for a time a collector friend of an original model of officer of the 1st type.
The first type was a very long belt that had to be able to make three times the waistline of the soldier or the officer.

To realize this model, it is necessary to count at least 450 meters of red square band. (1 M minimum waist x 25 the number of square braids per passing x the number of passers-by 6 x 3 the number of turns of the belt around the waist or + 450 meters if the soldier is 1 meter cut.
Add to this all the passers-by, the flowing, the button, the two tassels, the double attachment cord ….

Afterwards, for reasons of economy, a lighter and much shorter model was produced, which was only once the waist.